Our experts

The Center’s staff is comprised of highly qualified and experienced experts who have practical work and research experience in the field of non-proliferation and export controls.

Jyldyz Sydygalieva

Executive Director, Leader of international projects and programs, expert on export control and nonproliferation issues

Dina Abdykerimova

Project Manager, expert on international and public affairs

Gulzyinat Arkabaeva

Coordinator of export control and STC Educational Programs, Doctor of Philosophy, Scientific Secretary of the Kyrgyz National University

Zhyldyzkan Duisheeva

Expert on the implementation of licensing, issuance of permits, interaction with government agencies and legal issues in the field of export control.

Ikramjan Baimatov

Expert on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear safety (CBRN), Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, Department of Law and Customs, Kyrgyz National University

Nurjamal Sarseitova

Expert Analyst, PhD, Deputy Head of the Department of Law and Customs of the Kyrgyz National University